Jesus’ Do’s and Don’t of Prayer

A Gathering in Galilee

In the early chapters of Matthew, Jesus is preaching to crowds of people in Galilee. The people came from all around the Galilee area, some from many miles away just to hear Jesus speak. So, you can imagine Jesus wanted to convey a lot of information to His large, captive audience.

The Don’ts of Prayer

In His message to the Galilean people, Jesus not only reiterated the importance of praying, He clearly explained how to do it correctly.

The “Do” of Praying

So, what should we do when we pray? We know we need to listen more, but that can be tough in a busy house or a compelling church service on a schedule. Jesus knows we have this problem, so in verse six of Matthew 6 He tells us what to do.

How to Pray

So, we know we shouldn’t conduct grand prayers in public, we know not to be a “chatty Cathy” with God because He doesn’t want to be talked “at.” Instead, we know should go into a secret place to pray quietly with no distractions.



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