Why the Protestant and Catholic Bibles are So Different

A Quick Review of the Maccabees

The story of the Maccabees is recounted in two books of the Catholic Bible, Maccabee 1 and Maccabee 2. Their story details how a segment of the Jewish priests rebelled against Emperor Antiochus of Greece to rededicate the Lord’s Temple in Jerusalem after its desecration. It was during this conquest that the miracle of the oil lasting for eight days establishing the first Hanukkah.

The Hebrew Biblical Canon

So, knowing that the Maccabean Revolt reclaimed the Lord’s Temple from evil Greek idol worshippers and set up events for Jesus’ eventual coming, why isn’t it in my New King James Bible? It sure seems important, right?

Protestant vs. Catholic Bible

So, if the Hebrew Bible is the basis for both Protestant and Catholic Bibles, why are they different?

What About the New Testament?

As for the New Testament, thankfully both the Protestant and the Catholic Bibles are the same after Athanasius defined it in 367.

Seek the Truth

So, which is the true Bible? It’s my opinion that the Protestant Bible is truer to form to the Hebrew Bible. Though the books in the Catholic Septuagint and the Hebrew Apocrypha likely have great value and are worthy of study, we must believe they were left out of the Hebrew Bible for a divine reason. Remember the words of 2 Timothy 3:16–17:



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